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Introduction Video

Learn about connectmogul. This video will give you a general overview of the connectmogul product, what it can do for you and how you can become a mogul. You can become a mogul by getting more customers, getting your customers to buy more and stay longer through an automated messaging system. This system helps you communicate differently with personal messages, such as Happy Birthday messages, which will enable you to retain more clients.

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Frequently asked questions

What is connectmogul?
connectmogul helps agents leverage their book of business and connect via text messaging with their prospects and customers. Agents using our system, have been able to write more policies and increase efficiency in 10 beginning of day processes. This makes you more money. This makes you a mogul.

What will connectmogul do for me?

  • Automate daily activities
  • Increase your client base
  • Leverage your current clients for more revenue
  • Decrease attrition
  • Help your agency grow without increasing operating costs
  • Keep your staff doing more for less with increased productivity

Why do I need connectmogul?
connectmogul takes the worry out of communicating with your client base so you can still grow relationships while using less effort and manpower on your end.

Who uses connectmogul?
Insurance agents just like you!

How do I use connectmogul?
connectmogul is a cloud based tool that is connected via the internet.  Once your book of business is uploaded, it simply works on the automated updates with pre-set templates that go out to your customer base.

More specifically, as information is uploaded or entered into our program, a status per customer such as “active”, “x-client”, or “prospect” can be assigned.  Based on the status of each client, our system will function by sending the right message to the right person.  For example, “active” clients will receive notifications such as annual review date invitations, b-days, and will have the ability to automatically cross market to your clients based on what policy type they do not have with you.  It is that simple!

Is connectmogul easy to use?
Yes, you and your team can learn to use connectmogul within an hour.


Michelle Schaefer“Besides increasing retention and streamlining communications, I have used ConnectMogul to check on clients after a severe weather event. We’ve had a rash of devastating tornadoes in central Oklahoma, and when phone lines are down and cell bandwidths are clogged, texting is often the only method of communication available. I will pull up lists of clients by city or zip code when there has been bad weather and send them a text asking if they are okay, and giving them claims information. They often respond by asking for emergency repair sources, and to ask questions about their coverage and deductibles. I had one client tell me that when she came out of her storm shelter, mine was the first text she received checking on her, even before her family and friends! ConnectMogul is a fabulous tool that should be used in every agency!”

Michelle Schaefer – Farmers Insurance Agent – Edmond, OK