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Get Your Office TCPA Compliant Today


  • The Problem: Effective Oct. 2013, TCPA laws require written consent for autodialed and/or pre-recorded marketing calls or texts.
  • The Solution: ConnectMogul is providing a free written consent tool for all Farmers insurance agents. Build your TCPA compliant list for free.

How to get started:

  1. Send an email: Have your customer service reps include the link below in an email to your customers or potential customers asking for written consent.
    Written Consent Authorization
  2. Integrate into your daily process: When your clients come in for FFR’s, or any meeting, have them sign the form while your talking with them. Have the page loaded on an iPad or even a phone. Your client can fill it out in less than 20 seconds.
Note: The ConnectMogul written consent tool is being offered free of charge to Farmers Insurance Agents. There is no sign-up fee, monthly fee, or contract.

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