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Announcing connectmogul

Ivinex LLC, Announces the Launch of Its Innovative New Product, connectmogul

connectmogul, a new service powered by Ivinex LLC, is a provider of a unified platform that allows businesses to manage “Live Chat” from their website, SMS texting two-way communication, facebook account, and twitter account all in one system.

Ivinex LLC, provider of an All-in-One CRM service to better manage businesses, is happy to announce the launch of its newest service, connectmogul. Derek Miner, CEO of Ivinex, stated that the innovative product is

“guaranteed to make a huge impact in the insurance industry and eventually every industry. Our initial launch is a targeted product with specific features for the insurance industry. We recognized early that we had a tool that could impact the independent insurance agent by providing the ability to communicate with their customers via text messaging from their PC. With the next version, any business owner will be able to deploy this cloud tool to manage not only texting, but also chat, facebook and twitter communications which to most small businesses has been either too resource heavy or they believed to be too complicated.”

Miner went on to say that

“It is an easy to learn cloud based tool that will give business users the ability to manage communications channels that are new to almost everyone in business today. There is a real need as a business owner to be able to manage these new types of communication and we believe we have developed the right tool that any business person can learn easily while appearing to be up to date with the latest generational forms of communications.”

connectmogul is a platform that can send automated texts from a local number so clients will assume all communication is coming directly from their insurance agent. It offers two-way SMS communications for office managers, customer service employees or even an independent agent to give the appearance he or she is sending the message directly. connectmogul also has the ability to remind clients to schedule an annual review, make a payment, and even send birthday or holiday greetings.

Moreover, connected via the internet, Miner expounded that

connectmogul is an easy to use tool that insurance agents can learn within an hour. The agents who were in our early adoption phase have already been able to write more policies and increase efficiency in their beginning of day processes.”

In detail, once a book of business is uploaded to the database, it simply works on the automated dates with preset templates that go out to an agent’s customer base.

connectmogul will take CRM reports, synchronize the data in the system and leverage that data to accomplish the 3 things that most business owners are concerned about on a daily basis. 1. How do I attract more clients? 2. How can I leverage my current clients for more revenue? 3. How can I grow my agency without increasing my operating costs exponentially and keep my staff doing more for less?”

explained Cameron Marcum, Vice President of Ivinex.

About connectmogul

connectmogul is the leading provider of a unified platform that allows businesses to simply manage “Live Chat” from their website, SMS texting two-way communication, facebook communications, and twitter communications all in one system.

About Ivinex

IVINEX, LLC, offers an All-in-One cloud based CRM to better manage businesses. IVINEX’s easy-to-use, web-based CRM service in the cloud provides real-time business applications across multiple groups and users. Ivinex offers a unique enterprise or SMB cloud CRM that allows for its users to dictate the way your customer data flows through your business with customizable screens, user profiles and workflows. Based in Bountiful, Utah, IVINEX was established in 2006 to develop leading edge technology via the cloud that allows customers to run their business the way they need to and not based upon the way the technology works.

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